A Guide to Choosing the Right Lead Generation Partner for Your Marketing Needs

A big part of successfully growing business through strong lead generation is having the best lead supplier. Ask any marketer, and they will tell you what a challenge this is. But there are ways to successfully generate leads. Read on for more insights on how to find the best quality leads to maximize your ROI.

Having a Global Reachbr

Like music, technology too has no language. Over the years, we’ve seen technology budgets grow, and thus, more and more SaaS products. This means companies have needed to evolve their Global_Reachstrategies to reach the global markets, but to do this, they first need the right leads. Being a constant player in the B2B lead generation field, we at Brandvids know that the most successful companies are those who remember to focus on international markets.

Elevating your Data

There’s market information and then there’s market intelligence. An ideal lead generation supplier is one that not only provides B2B data, but gives you the power to go deep or wide. If you’re getting the most intelligent data from your supplier, then you can focus on how to execute on said intelligence. A comprehensively managed database built on top-of-the-line market data will provide ample spread of leads, from the top to the bottom of the funnel, from early touch sales qualified leads to instantly actionable marketing qualified leads. Brandvids has been successfully providing its clients choices on programs ranging of data, from clean leads ready for your CRM, to hot, marketing-ready and highly nurtured appointments. For those who want more of an in-house approach, there is the option of the CRM database tool as a product.

Level of Experience

Experience, it turns out, is critical when it comes to selecting a lead generation company. With the digital lead generation space getting oh-so-congested these days, it is easy to get tempted by catchy taglines and low-quality-low-cost pricing models. They are often filled with empty promises with little to no return on your marketing investment. What you want to look out for is years of experience; the companies they’ve serviced; the return value of said customers,

thus proving a solid reputation.

An experienced and successful lead generation supplier would also be seen branching out to areas like surveys, infomercials, direct response and even comprehensive account mapping.

Data Capacity

Without a doubt, the backbone of a lead generation supplier is its data strength. It is this capacity that further plays a leading role on how efficient, qualitative, insightful, and successful your lead program is going to turn out to be. The supplier’s ability to preserve, build, nurture, and manage this data capacity through advanced database management technology and marketing tech stack integrations, along with its spread in terms of geography, company sizes, technologies etc. will tell you quite a bit about whether you are putting your money in the right place. Brandvids’s database is built in-house and maintained and updated on a consistent basis. Managed by a special in-house team, our database has deployed the latest in database technologies to provide clients with marketing programs that will give them the ultimate edge over others.

Scale of Operations

Lead generation programs can often demand operations to deliver the goods within thin timelines. With an already increasing stack of deliverables, this can lead to false promises and unhappBrandvids_Scalability_Operationsy customers. While choosing a supplier, the key is to select one that can scale up its operations in sync with your demands, in order to ensure delivery on time and within cost. Brandvids has a proven track record of successful delivery, with operational capabilities that support marketing programs consisting of millions of cold calls and high quality data. We can build highly scalable processes to meet the ever-changing demands in the lead generation space.

Local Presence & Local Callers

It is not possible for a global company to operate out of a single location and expect to rule the markets. A global reach would inevitably mean reaching out to segments that speak a multitude of different languages. Having a local presence, while beneficial to a company, may not always be possible or cost-effective, so they might turn to a lead generation company. A good lead supplier, however, should have an international focus. Local callers are bound to have a higher acceptance rate as compared to off shore callers.
Brandvids’s teams work around the clock with multi-lingual capabilities. Our own globally located centers span across a wide variety of lead generation services available to companies.

Documented Conversion Rates

When you are banking on your marketing investment to give you returns in line with your business forecast, you cannot rely on promises alone. Actual numbers are what you want. An ideal lead generation supplier should be consistently successful across all its services offered. They should be able to provide different types of marketing goals and satisfy their customers’ needs. Conversion rates of clients are often neglected by suppliers who look to deliver the goods and forget about it after payday. It is essential for the clients to know exactly what kind of returns they are likely to expect. Look for ROI calculators, free trials, and verify conversion rates across various lead programs to get the best bang for your buck. Take the example of the appointment generation practice at Brandvids – not only did it scale up by 100% in 2015, but it secured a conversion rate of 44%. In simpler words, 44% of the high value leads that Brandvids generated had a documented potential opportunity for its clients; and this stat comes directly from a customer.

Quality Standard

Quality, in a product or service, is not what we put into it, it is what the customer gets out of it. Imagine signing up for $1000-per-lead campaign, paying for 30 such leads and getting no further than simply a run of the mill introductory presentation! While you might notice than the supplier has ticked all the boxes in meeting the specifications of your program, quality of leads is usually an unstated requirement in the campaign. How do you define a good quality lead? Well, it means different things to different clients. Thus, it is important to review lead generation supplier’s quality control landscape as well as the levels and depths of checks that they deploy to make sure leads are vetted thoroughly before they reach you. Also, look for return policies on the leads that unfortunately do not meet your qualification criteria or sometimes even a minimum results guarantee.


Brandvids uses a CRM-based, 100% audit approach that works seamlessly with the delivery system to make sure unique programs get unique leads. Brandvids also adopts a world standard of customer satisfaction to help gauge the pulse of the customer, with constant feedback loops to re-evaluate consistently and keep the customer happy in every step. Demand generation is so much more than just marketing automation

Each year there are billions of dollars spent on marketing and brand building by big companies and their chief marketing officers. It is these investments that help the companies to have a steady flow of loyal customers which means that there will be a continuous and predictable pipeline of work for the company. As the market started evolving there was a need for marketing departments to change their approach towards the customers and it has brought a rise in the need for demand generation. Most people align demand generation with the different kinds of marketing automation options that are available today. Although it is true that marketing automation can help a great deal in the increase of demand generation for the company these companies should not be blinded by these results and not pay attention to the other options that are available to them.

Demand Generation Has Diversified

The marketing world is always evolving and the rest of the companies have to meet it at its pace. It is important now more than ever that companies are always connected to their consumers and future business prospects and this requires technology that goes far beyond what marketing automation systems can help you with. Marketing automation only provides you with basic engagement tools that help you to nurture and score email solutions that can help to convert a prospect into a sales-ready lead. A prospect is someone that consumes information at their own terms and they do not remain confined to just the company’s website, the emails that you sent or even the newest offer that you have on your landing page. Marketing Automation Is the Start Point of a Fairly Long Race

Many companies that focus on demand generation for their marketing purposes depend on the data that they are able to derive from outbound marketing that is mainly got from a third party provider. This is a source that can help the company gain the fuel that they need for sales and marketing systems so that they are able to deliver on the mandated customer acquisition. Most marketing automation systems are a blessing for companies that have to capture more of the inbound data prospects from websites and landing pages that they own. Most companies can also take advantage of other activities that are meant for conversion of prospect data into sales-ready leads and customers. Although this may seem enough for generating sales for the company demand generation requires much more than capturing inbound as well as outbound leads. Multiple Adtech and Martech Providers Integration

The vendors who deal with marketing automation tools recognize the need for supplementary capability tools that the marketers can use to stay up to date with the latest in marketing however, it is very difficult for these vendors to integrate multiple products into one that can help the companies with this staggering task. However, most companies are racing to expand their platform of functions in such a way that they will be able to create an ecosystem that is able to offer an all-inclusive solution for the company’s demand generation needs. Some of the bigger names in the industry, such as Oracle, Adobe, Marketo, and Salesforce are coming together to try and provide customers with a more efficient, connected marketing platform.

What Does Demand Generation Really Need?

Life would be so much easier for everyone if all of the demand generation needs were fulfilled with the help of the company website and the landing page; however, that’s not the case. Most companies have to rely on more outbound marketing to drive traffic towards their website. All of these outbound demand generation techniques are still a manual task that drains out both your resources and your time. Most demand generation companies have realized this problem and have been able to control, optimize, and automate this process of demand generation using a few handy tips.
They identify all of the best sources of data for your company and also other providers that can help to generate prospects for your company.
They help you to streamline the demand generation process by automating, integrating, and standardizing all of the data sources for your company.
Finally, they use the data that is gathered in the above-mentioned processes to measure and also optimize the process on the basis of which source or provider delivers the best quality leads.